Home Shopping Parties

I think we've all done it at some point; either hosted or attended a home party for any number of direct sales/MLM companies.  These are great because it gives you a chance to try products that aren't available in stores.  You are also supporting someone in their small business, and get some time with your friends in a relaxed environment.  Additionally, there are incentives and specials just for hosting!
Now, imagine all that, with SHOES!  
Secondhand Diva is not a multi-level marketing company, but everything else applies.  My products are not currently available in store, so this gives you a great opportunity to try shoes on before you buy.  Invite your girl friends, and I will bring a great selection of shoes in your sizes.  You're also not just supporting my small business, but the women who consign with me.  
And here's what you get for hosting!
First look at the products
10% discount off entire hostess order
10% of total party order (before taxes) towards free product
No shipping
Email secondhand.diva@yahoo.com for availability and booking.